Service Descriptions

Add ons


Using charged crystals and stones to clear and balance the chakras you can add this energy work to any massage to take it to the next level. Reiki is a form of therapy that can use hands-on, no touch or visualization techniques, with the goal of improving the flow of live energy in a person. Reiki (pronounced ray-key), means “universal life energy” in Japanese, and Reiki practitioners are trained to detect and alleviate problems of energy flow in the physical, emotion and spiritual level.


Cupping Reiki

Cupping has been practiced in various cultures for more than 3,000 years. It uses cups and suction to create negative air pressure next to the skin, in effect “lifting” the skin from the soft tissues underneath and allowing fluid to more freely nourish those tissues. This add on service would be for cupping of one area incorporated into your massage session. 


Hydrating hand and feet treatment

This ultra-thick blend of organic shea butter and coconut oil are combined with heat therapy to leave your skin soft and hydrated. 

Exfoliating hand and feet treatment

Using an organic sugar scrub designed by yours truly, this will help slough off any flakiness and add moisture, which is sealed in using a heat treatment. You can also combine this with the hydrating hand and foot treatment to level up to pedicure soft tootsies. 

Aromatherapy facial steam

First a moisturizing organic facial cream is applied followed by a nice steamy, aromatherapy towel. The heat helps that open your pores and absorb while the scent simultaneously melts the stress of the day away and brings you into the present. Repeat another round of cream in those thirsty pores and end with a face massage for the ultimate post massage glow. 

Custom Aromatherapy option

I will work with you to custom blend an aromatherapy oil for use during your session. Then you get to take the glass pump bottle home with the remaining 4ish ounces to use at your leisure any time you want to that lovely scent to bring you back to the same relaxed state of mind.  


Massage Offerings

Prenatal Massage

Enjoy some rest and relaxation as an expecting mama as I help you find ease in your ever changing body. With pregnancy specific moves to target the hips and sacrum, the hip release work can help baby find optimal fetal positioning which can alleviate some discomforts and set you up for an easier birth. Massage is offered with a wedge and cushion so you can enjoy some time lying face down while baby is comfortably and safely supported or side lying. 


Swedish Massage

Promoting relaxation, this light to medium pressure massage is a great way to fill your cup and enjoy the benefits of increased circulation and improved immune system function as well as decreased pain and stress. Find more ease in your body and your day. If you're looking for a "work the knots out, hurts so good" massage you will want to select the deep tissue option. 


Deep Tissue

Tailoring a mix of trigger point therapy, assisted movements and structural integration to your needs, a deep tissue massage can target the inner layers of muscle, soft tissues and fascia. Select this is you want to "work the knots out in a hurts so good way". 

Ease Your Heart Out

We start with an aromatherapy facial steam to wash the stress of the day off and bring your full attention to your healing. Each session can be customized to your needs or you can keep your intention to yourself and let us follow your body’s cues. We will work on areas of vulnerability that tend to hold onto trauma and pain. This can include working trigger points in your neck, pecs, upper back and shoulders. All the muscles that help you lift your chin and ease your heart out to the world. Typically abdominal work is done on the digestive tract to calm nervous tummies and a diaphragm release to allow you breathe even deeper, releasing old energy and bringing in cleansing breath cycles. Psoas releases will help you take steps forward, leaving the past behind if you have felt stuck. Coupled with chakra clearing and balancing and calming energy work and the use of charged stones. Our goal is to help you clear your busy mind, intuitively find your path to healing, and ease your heart back into the world. We want to gently hold space for you as you seek answers inward.
*A 60 minute session will take place face up on the table. If you want more bodywork on the posterior muscles as well, book the 90 minute option. 


Fertility Enhancing Massage

Fertility Enhancing Massage can be used in a natural or medically assisted cycle. Booking should take place prior to ovulation and at a time you know you are not pregnant. By communicating with your therapist, a custom massage is tailored to your unique needs.

The reproductive system, which is a secondary system, is aided by helping to balance the following primary systems- respiratory, digestive, circulatory, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine, and muscular. Your treatment session could include castor oil packs, breathing exercises, essential oils, comfortably rerouting blood flow from the femoral artery into the reproductive organs to enhance egg quality and flush/thicken the uterine lining, abdominal work to reduce scar tissue, adhesions and help break down cysts and improve digestion, reflexology to stimulate hormone production, lymph drainage to aid in detoxing, energy work focused on releasing emotional stressors, and massage to reduce tension and improve blood flow/mobility.


Fertility Enhancing Massage Testimonials

I highly recommend Dusti for all types of massage. Although I will never forget the fertility massages that she gave me. My husband I had some troubles getting pregnant for a while. With this being such a stressful situation she recommend this. The massage was so relaxing and really helped me find peace when I was there and hope for the future when I left. She is incredible! -Ashley M. I had the pleasure of getting fertility massages from Dusti Bosworth during my almost 2 year time of trying to conceive. Not only is she such a tender and compassionate massage therapist, but she really puts dedication into helping you achieve your goals. I’ve also received maternity massages and deep tissue massages from Dusti, and every time I leave her table I feel like she has given me exactly what I needed her to. I am currently 6 months pregnant, and I believe Dusti’s massages have played a huge factor in that, and I would recommend her to anyone.
-Emily W
I am a 29 year old PCOS suffer! I never knew I had PCOS until I tried getting pregnant with my first baby. I had to start taking fertility drugs and making appointments for ultrasounds. Finally six months later I was pregnant and had a healthy baby girl! Fast forward two years and here we were again trying to get pregnant. We knew already what we were dealing with this time so we were hopeful that in about six months we would be pregnant again. Next thing I knew we were at a year already! I knew we needed to change what we were doing! This is where the wonderful Dusti came in! I had seen her many times for regular massages! Then a friend of mine told me to talk to her about fertility massage! My next appointment with her we tried one! I was so relaxed when I left!! The next month I was taking clomid and I did another massage. Just having her presence and her positive attitude helped my attitude change so much!! I left feeling positive and very optimistic!! I had my ultrasound on day 14 and I had a dominant follicle!!! We didn’t get pregnant so we went back for a 3rd month! Another dominant follicle this month!! We had to go back for month 4, this time no follicle! By this point I was so sick of the doctors appointments! The only thing that was making me feel good were the monthly massages I was getting!! We were at a year and 5 months of trying! I told my husband that I was done with the doctor for a month!! I wanted to just go see Dusti and her magical hands! She just felt so healing to me and that is what I needed for a month!! Six weeks later I had my first ultrasound! There was a heartbeat!! We were so excited! Dusti definitely helped get us pregnant!! I honestly believe that we wouldn’t have gotten pregnant without her! She is the most positive person I know and she just has such a healing vibe that comes off of her! She wants to help you more than you know! She takes these massages so personal! I continued to see her throughout my pregnancy.  By the end of my pregnancy I was visiting her every other week!!  
-Kendra J