Hands-on healing is my life purpose. I love what I do from the depths of my soul. Healing fills my cup and helps me serve my greater purpose. I believe it is in our vulnerability where we find our strength and I am honored I get to create a safe space where I can walk beside people and join them in the process. Whether it is trusting me to give them their first massage, to share in their fertility journey, to heal from traumatic life events, release anxiety or depression, help recover post surgery or keep them injury free in pre-race training - people constantly amaze me. They open their hearts, put their guard on hold and let it all go on the table.

I am an empath through and through. In the past I didn't know how to turn my sensors off. When I was in a crowd or group event I could feel I was absorbing everyone else's energy. It was uncomfortable, but I learned to ground myself in the stability of the earth and am able to turn that on and off at will. I tune into my clients and channel that energy for their benefit. I enjoy being able to connect and to give them the best session I can. I offer energy work and have been a Reiki Master since 2009. In my vulnerability, I found my strength. I intuitively incorporate energy work into my massage sessions. I strive to be a one-stop shop to tune up your body, mind and soul.

I encounter people who are hesitant to schedule healing because they have skin tags or aren't at their ideal weight. Bodies are beautiful. EVERY BODY. But more than that, bodies house the souls. Our souls are begging for grace, peace, support and forgiveness. Our bodies have to last until our final breath. If you could live in more ease and comfort, do things you haven't in years or feel you are aging in reverse, wouldn't you want to give it a try? I want you to come in. I have moles and skin tags, cellulite and rogue hairs- I don't mind a bit that you do, too. We are human and are fed this idea of striving for 'media perfection standards' because that is how products are sold. So let's be real and let's heal. There is no time like the present to start caring for yourself. I have a diverse clientele I get to hold healing space for and a variety of techniques, experiences and certifications to draw from. My experience includes 10 years in a health club/gym setting with many deep tissue clients, specialization in prenatal massages with my birthwork clients, working at a center that primarily focused on fertility enhancement and an eclectic studio where I design my own custom treatments of massage and energy work. Whether it is deep tissue, myofascial, energy work, sports, fertility enhancing, prenatal, relaxation, resistance release, trigger point or reflexology, I've got you covered and would love to customize a healing session just for you.

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