While I am no longer teaching Hypnobabies, I highly recommend the program. I used it myself and had wonderful birth experiences and outcomes. Our culture views birth as a medical experience and usually the horror stories are the ones that spread. Do yourself a favor and watch some Hypnobabies births on YouTube. Absolutely peaceful and beautiful. My clients often fooled the providers into thinking they were in early labor, looking like they were sleeping with a smile on their face, only to find they were ready to push. My birth was so easy I tried to send my husband to class and 30 minutes later had our daughter in our living room. Great stuff. Andrea Showers now teaches locally and you can find her information at

I am not currently taking new doula clients, but am so relieved to find that the local birth climate is becoming more and more open to this type of support and that ACOG even recognizes doula support as equivalent to a pain relief drug! We now have 2 birth centers in Nebraska, one in Lincoln and one in Omaha and home births supported by midwives are still an option for Iowa mothers. If you want a hospital birth or a scheduled c-section, there are great providers, options and doulas for you. Danielle Miles is an incredible Baby Whisperer/birthworker and her information can be found at

I always recommend taking a birth class to prepare and if Hypnobabies isn’t for you, Carrie Laughlin and the group at Momma Love Birth Services have a fun variety that include breastfeeding, VBAC, and pregnancy classes. You can find more information at